Remember Your Light

The Energetics of Gift Giving

December 18, 2022 Scott Kesselman Season 2 Episode 1
Remember Your Light
The Energetics of Gift Giving
Show Notes

Don't let presents be a substitute for prescence!

What can you learn about your relationships this holiday season as you give and receive gifts?

Where are you wasting and leaking energy related to giving and receiving?

How can we understand what the ideal of "selfless action" from ancient spiritual teachings actually means? 

How can we interact more collaboratively to help shape the world we experience?

Shortly after posting this episode, my mother said to me: I'm not sending you any presents. I'm not having you open them where I don't get the joy of watching you open the gifts. 

Its also shows how when these things surface energetically and are identified/brought to awareness (which can be aided by colorpuncture), they begin to reveal themselves reflected powerfully in your outer experience. These imbalances are asking to be healed even generationally.

In this case, it's clear to see who the gift giving is really for. It makes you think about what you/someone really need/s and what is being fulfilled by giving that you arent receiving or able to receive elsewhere.