Remember Your Light

Why light heals & the science of reality creation

April 05, 2021 Scott Kesselman Season 1 Episode 6
Remember Your Light
Why light heals & the science of reality creation
Show Notes

In this episode we cover the questions:

  • Why does light therapy work?
  • What is the scientific basis for energy medicine?
  • How can this explain the effectiveness of treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy and even the power of positive thinking?
  • How does consciousness fit in and how can we explain non-local human abilities like remote viewing, telepathy and telekinesis?
  • How does all of this relate to how our reality is actually constructed from the smallest levels up to our everyday macro experience?

Alexander Mitchel and I introduce concepts around Bioenergetics &  Bioinformatics and how the electric body creates a holographic information template that can be modulated by different frequencies of light in ways that help us to have clearer information flow between our mental, physical and spiritual aspects. We also talk about how our biological structured water may play a central role in being the interface between all of these levels as the means, the medium and the message of life.

We also introduce theories that include awareness of an unseen, implicit world that contains all quantum potentials and a higher level order that feeds our explicit reality. Comparing different views on this implicit world, we discuss how we might be able to draw energy from this vast sea of potential.

This leaves us with a question of just how far we can extend and control our ability as human beings to create our reality.