Remember Your Light

Making the Mystical Tangible

May 17, 2021 Season 1 Episode 9
Remember Your Light
Making the Mystical Tangible
Show Notes

In a wide-ranging discussion with Ryan Mintz about our deeper and more expansive nature as humans, we explore our energetic nature, the way that we sense and interact with energy, how we can separate sensation from the stories we tell about ourselves and our experiences and how we can develop the skills and beliefs to become more empowered within all of these dynamics.  

Ryan creates transformative containers for personal growth and expansion. He elevates coaching groups into the most supportive and close knit communities for his clients to break through the boundaries of ordinary life to become extraordinary - a process that once you learn becomes a natural part of the human experience. 

We examine processes for digging into past events, our conditioning, traumas and sensations to understand what produces the outcomes we see in our world. We learn how we can begin to tell more supportive stories about our reality, how we can shift our internal patterns to find evidence in our external world of the beliefs we want to install to improve our existence.

We breakdown practical ways of understanding mystical elements of existence -- states and aspects of ourselves that define our ultimate reality and are actually, in Ryan's words "the natural way of being" but "not the normal way of being."

Expanding on ways to view the fear of death from last episode, we define the non-physical aspects of existence and look at a model for what death actually is and its connection to the dream state. Ryan talks extensively about practices for becoming more aware in different levels of the dream state and how we can leverage that to influence and improve our waking reality. 

We connect this concept to the concept of possible or probable worlds of which we are concurrently exploring all of with other selves. If you can imagine a circumstance that could have been or could be, because the information for that reality exists, the reality also tangibly exists, you have access to it and it can influence our own physical reality. We can also use this to play out undesirable realities to learn from them so that we have no need to experience them here in our physical world. 

We cover several techniques you can apply in this episode, but cover some very practical and widely applicable ones related to exploring these probable realities. 

Finally, we talk about the difference between attention and intention, how conscious intention can get in the way of using our energy to it's potential and how complete attention supports it.