Remember Your Light

Knowing what you want

June 28, 2021 Scott Kesselman Season 1 Episode 12
Remember Your Light
Knowing what you want
Show Notes

"What do I want?"

I've struggled with this question for so long. 

Figuring out what we want is one of the most important things we can do, right?

That way we can understand where to focus our energy and what to aim at.

But might this question perpetuate widespread fallacies about our existence? Might the posing of this question and the pressure to answer it actually get in the way of our experience? 

When we try to answer this question and demand an answer, is it possible that we are just deceiving ourselves and creating restriction from living out our fullest expression?

Is it possible, that you are already living out your deepest wants?

Is it possible -- when you embrace that you already have everything you want -- that you can move through life with a new level of freedom and begin to experience even more?

You don't need to be anywhere other than where you are. Opening yourself up to this idea and creating enough safety, trust and faith in yourself to focus on how you already have everything within this moment - will help you continue to expand in all the areas you are meant to grow into. 

It is never the medal that makes the man or finally moves him to meaning - it is the one who finds joy in simply being there who always wins.

When you realize that you always already have exactly what you want -- that in fact this is fundamental to your nature -- you can free yourself to experience so much more.